Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dark December - Sunday Scribblings #246

This is a poem I wrote awhile back, but it fits today's topic for Sunday Scribblings, so here it is:

Dark December

In her holy dance
Earth turns away,
From light
From warmth
From life

With each inspiration
Of cold, sharp air
Our lungs ache

Visible breath,
Ghost at our lips,
Leaving jewels of condensation
On all it touches

The austere landscape
Is covered by
A night sky
Of extravagant beauty.
Hung with precious diamonds
Pulsing with joy

As we run
Tears freeze in our eyes
Cold burns our ears
We taste darkness;
No light
No warmth
No life

Yet this is the dark of hope-
The cold that sets the bulbs-
The death that brings forth resurrection-

What are we running from?
Grace surrounds us.


  1. Lovely piece from beginning to end. I love "the cold that sets the bulbs" --hope indeed.

  2. Hi Mary - there are so many powerful lines in this piece - may favourite was 'ghost at our lips'..I love the redemptive ending too..December best wishes to you..Jae

  3. Thank you Brenad and Jaerose! I do love December. The best of December and Merry Christmas, if you do that, to you both.

  4. Lovely! Poetic description of nature.

  5. excellent. I love the icy beauty that grips that inner hope and life. You have said it well.

  6. I love the idea of seeing optimism even in the dark. Good one.

    Thanks for your visit!

    Happy Blogging :)

  7. Lovely poem and beautiful imagery!! Loved the description of the night sky at winter time.

  8. "We taste darkness."
    Been there, done that.

  9. you had me from the first to last word, beautiful.

  10. I like this very much - especially the final lines, awesome observation.

    What are we running from?
    Grace surrounds us.

    Love it!

  11. had some great words and lost them. they wern something like this "this is an excellent poem. the words flow like a bbling brook...come sit beside me and enjoy the grace of living."

  12. Thank you all! I hope everyone has a wonderful, and grace-filled December.

  13. I enjoyed it the first time through, but it improves with rereading, becomes almost a meditation. No, scrap the "almost"!

  14. I tried to sign up as a follower, but it kept rejecting me. I'll try again next time.

  15. Thank you Dave - no idea why it won't let you follow. I appreciate it if you're able to!

    Thank you Linda!

  16. "Yet this is the dark of hope-
    The cold that sets the bulbs-
    The death that brings forth resurrection"
    love this, so pretty

  17. Of course it is mid summer here, so:

    Hot is nicer in the shade
    and cold beside the fire.
    Season changes, welcome prompts
    that energise our lives.

    Seasons greetings, Mary. XX

  18. Cheers Stafford!
    I wish you all the best for you in the coming year.