Monday, January 26, 2015

With Relish

I am not your sweetheart,
my love is savory,
there is a bite to it.
But oooh baby,
this is the spice of life. 

With this poem I am really playing it again.  I have taken an old poem and heavily edited it to fit into Mama Zen’s request to have us write a Twitter Poem in one of her “Words Count” prompts.  And a Twitter Poem, despite the techy name, is just a poem brief enough to fall at or below Twitter's tweet limit of 140 characters.
Sorry, I forgot to link IGRT, where Margaret asked us to "Play it Again" by using a previous writing prompt.


  1. Ah the spice of life, I like the bite of that ~

  2. Less is often better. The first two lines are the backbone.

    1. Thank you Yvonne. Your right, and those are the first lines that came to me.

  3. Oh yes, this poem as a delicious bite to it! I bet you'll get a lot of favorites or tweets if you do post it on twitter!

  4. Had some bite indeed, once bitten twice shy

  5. Spice of life...I do like this.

  6. The importance of a title should never be overlooked. Nice!