Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking Back

Looking back…

I see a string
of stained coffee cups,
battered boxes
filled with regret
dirty sheets,
dirty laundry
broken crockery and
with a thin film
of dust
covering it all

I dared
to eat the peach,
but it was mealy
and tasteless,
a sticky mess
dripping down my chin
and I…
I am left
with the pit

This poem was originally written for a creatvie challenge by the Facial Expression Poetry Group.


  1. lovely done...

    I am fully in it with the last stanza.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Thank you Jingle! Happy Sunday to you as well.

  3. Hi Mary, Going back and reading some of your older posts while I have the time. I like the metaphor and hidden meaning behind the words. Very intriguing. I have one or two pits I can remember from years past.