Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Scribblings #252 - Safe

The Fortress

we are builders,
who struggle every day
stacking stones around ourselves
the fortress must hold strong
whether to protect our overflowing treasure
or hide the barren room, once full
we must guard against those
who dare come too near
the risk is so great
the cost so dear
so you will understand
why I can not
let you


  1. Mary, sometimes it is ok to allow others in.
    The hard part is knowing who. Nicely said.

  2. Very cool - and I like the shape. Also, like Pamela said, the hard part is knowing who. ☼

  3. Thanks Lightverse and're right of course about letting in a select few :o)

  4. How curious that when you re-read this how many interpretations can be put into the words. The locked door may be strong but it may indicate a weak person inside!

    Many years ago our parents we never locked the doors, why bother, we had nothing. Now we all have too much. Thoughtful poem.

  5. I like this very much. So many of us feel the need for a 'fortress' but the thing that keeps us 'safe' keeps so many good things out too.

    Nice writing. :-)

  6. 'We are builders' - what a wonderful opening is like some primeval desire to put up doors to keep ourselves safe..and keep people at bay..then again we also built windows..a happy comprimise..we can check people out before we let them in..lovely poem..Jae

  7. Oldegg - yes, no one knows exactly inside the fortress. Thanks for reading.

    Susannah - that's exactly right. Thank you.

    Jaerose - Ah, windows, brilliant! Thank's for reading Jae.

  8. We do this don't we? We build walls that keep all at bay. And then we work hard at tearing down the walls to let in the wonder. Life!

  9. That's right Kim...glad to see it struck a chord with you. It seems to be pretty universal. Tahnks for stopping by.

  10. No wise words... I just really enjoyed this verse!