Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Offering

I had the most wonderful grandma ever. She was good and kind and white-haired, just like grandmas are supposed to be. But I swear in another time my Grandma McCauley would have been a shaman or a druid. Her pale, blue eyes saw so much, even after they were covered with cataracts; and she had a wisdom that was almost other-worldly, yet so connected to the earth. Actually, the first image of Grandma that comes to mind is in the garden; she was an organic farmer long before that was cool. But I also remember her making the most wonderful homemade bread, and when I recently made the loaf pictured below my thoughts went to her.

the warm
crusty bread
my offering
fresh from the oven
kneading, resting, rising
I become my grandmother
standing in her warm, safe kitchen
we are communion through time and space
generously passing out bread and love

Smell the warm crusty bread, my offering


  1. Something so comforting and viscerally joyous about baking bread. Even evoking memories of previous loaves and bakers. Thank you for expressing that so sweetly, Mary.

  2. this is heart warming..
    how are you?

    join us if you can.
    love your work.

  3. Wonderful tale, Mary.

    You carry your grandmother forward in your heart and mind - the very essence of what 'family' means.

  4. What a lovely tribute this is Mary.

  5. Wow been a while since I came to give a cheer
    Been quite busy I fear
    And although food really isn't my thing
    This post had a nice ring
    So from there is my little chat
    Before I scat
    From Pat
    With the Last name Hatt
    And the annoying cat
    Who you want to squash flat

  6. PPL - Thank you, I'll try.

    Eric - thanks for you kind words

    Ginny - Thank you :o)

    Oh Pat, you crazy cat
    thanks for cheching in
    did you wonder where I'd been?

  7. hmm - can almost smell it..such sweet memories and such a good reminder of how life, family and love can taste

  8. Thanks Claudia! It was pretty tasty :o)