Friday, April 22, 2011


This is a poem I wrote awhile ago, about Wisconsin weather in March. This year though, spring is late and we have been getting some typical March weather in


She teases us with glimpses of spring,
toying with our affections;
one day all sunshine smiles
the next, throwing a snowy snit;
or she can be mysterious,
shrouding herself in fog.
buds and grasses green
at times in spite of her.

We see the sins winter has hidden
now laid bare before us:
November’s leavings,
with the flotsam and jetsam
of our own humanity.
the first flies buzz, sun-drunk
reminding us there are advantages
to the dead time.

The frozen ground softens.
a few brave Snowdrops
shoulder their way through;
resurrection is hard work.


  1. a lovely reflection of waiting for spring - does it finish in a flash where you are? - straight into full summer?
    I liked the Snowdrops shouldering their way and the sun-drunk flies - oh and the rest of it too!

  2. Almost a meditation. Like it a lot.

  3. Isabel - Thank you. Here spring can be very different. Usually we have spring for awhile that eases into summer, but sometimes it is a fast flash to summer. Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

    Dave - Thank you sir, I value your opinion.

  4. ah - last year we had an april like the one you describe mary - but this year it's just sunshine, sunshine, sunshine...beautiful

  5. It rings a bell especially when everyone around me is so tired of this long Wisconsin winter. I keep seeing the robins with a cover of snow, but it will not stick and stay around long.

  6. Thank you PPPL

    Claudia - enjoy the spring!

    ThePeSla - lol, very true, the snow will be gone soon. I wonder what summer will be like.

  7. So spring hasn't sprung
    Still breathing cold air in each lung
    Sadly the same can be said here
    Although it seems to be near
    I also wish it would come
    Heck screw spring just bring summer and I can be a beach

  8. Hahaha!
    I second that
    you crazy cat!

  9. Perfect poem for Spring's theme.

  10. "We see the sins winter has hidden
    now laid bare before us". Ouch!

  11. Nessa - thank you

    Stafford - well...

  12. "resurrection is hard work" is beautiful writing!
    It so perfectly describes the way that in between winter and spring time, when you know there is so much going on, but we've yet to see it!

  13. Thank you Marion. I appreciate your comments.