Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Real Gem

She is
brilliant, jewel-like
a bright and shining gem
sharp edged and many faceted
but she lacks regenerative powers;
her crystalline smile glittering,
a fault in the fa├žade
threatens to break

Note: the picture is a writing prompt from Magpie Tales, a site to help inspire writers made by Tess Kincade. If you click on the title of my poem it will take you to that lovely site. I hightly recommend it, and Tess' Life at Willow Manor. The poetry form is called a Rictameter, which is characterized by each line having a set number of syllables: 2/4/6/8/10/8/6/4/2.


  1. My interpretation of your Magpie .... a high strung woman going off the deep end. Really well done!

  2. Helen - you got it, one of those perfectionists.

    Deborah - thank you

  3. Is it bad that I want to see the show? Yes, it's bad - I should be helping her not waiting for the crack. Love the form on this!

  4. Very nice. :-) I like how you've formed the words into the shape of the jewel.

  5. I can see this woman clearly. Perfectly coiffed and made up. Dressed to perfection. But if something goes awry in her meticulous plans, the facade shatters. Like a Stepford wife on the fritz!

  6. Stunning piece. Clearly coined fragments of vividly cut glass. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  7. this poor fragile diamond needs a bit of TLC from a girlfriend.
    Perhaps.... wait for it. This is a time
    "When a girl is a diamond't best friend!"
    I will now slink away.

  8. Lovely piece, Mary, I thought it was about your ill friend at first.
    I can see the perfectionist in this one.

  9. Thanks all.
    Bug, when people crack it does make for a good show.
    Paul - ty, the form is called Rictameter, specific syllable count in each line, 2/4/6/8/10/8/6/4/2
    Lola - Oh, the Stepford wives gone wrong ...that's perfect!
    Reflections - ty, I enjoyed yours as well
    Lucy - thank you
    Isabel - thanks
    Brigid - Thank you for remembering my ill friend. She died on Monday; funeral today. Still to raw to write about her passing just now.

  10. And how could I forget Stafford? Maybe because he slinked away (slunk away?) Anyway, funny comment, where ever you are skulking.

  11. beautiful, crystal clear piece...reminds me of one who is about to come undone, not now but surely...

  12. You deserve to be applauded. Lovely blog. Please do visit my blog and leave your footprints behind by posting comments:-

  13. What an intense imagery- just like the colors of the image- stark n bright!!
    Very well done..

    Friday Hugs xox

  14. Nilofer - thank you. I'll take a squint at yours.
    Olivia - thanks so much. xo

  15. oh wow - i like what you've done with with the prompt - beautiful words to go with the poem

  16. Thank you Claudia and Tumblewords!