Monday, December 5, 2011

One More Magpie

I sit here in my suit
along with the rest,
trying to fit in.
Pretending to be a grown up,
I look down, concentrating

Do they guess the truth,
any of them?
Can they tell, in an unguarded moment
sparks could fly from my finger tips
and lightning bolts may shoot  out
through my skull
like electric blue hair

Do they know, with a blink and a wink
I could step into myth, step through time,
Climb over this lunch table,
up through the skylight,
past the Milky Way and on to infinity?

What’s holding me here
is so very tenuous,
I must look down, concentrating,
pretending to be a grown up,
trying to fit in
with the rest,
as I sit here in my suit

This picture prompt is from Magpie Tales, when can be found by clicking on the title.  The poem has also been submitted to Gooseberry Garden where you can read a variety of interesting poems.


  1. Clever, Mary. I like your two different Magpies, one trying not to fit in, and one pretending to fit in. You are on a roll there, girl!

  2. Very 'up, up and away' ... fun.

  3. haha no pretending for me
    I'm just naturally crazy

  4. An enjoyable read; very creative. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. You managed to portray the uncomfortableness of this crowd really well.

  6. I think I like Pat Hatt's comment. I know I don't fit in and isn't that wonderful?

  7. very much potential they see it...this plays well as superhero and beyond...

  8. every action leads to dramatic changes.
    i see your talent here.


  9. I'm sure many grown-ups feel the same. Good Magpie!

  10. Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate and welcome them all. Morning, thank you for the forum to share.

  11. "Step into myth", what a line...Don't grow up!!

  12. You tapped into the feel of the picture very nicely. Well done!

  13. Lyn - Thanks so much, don't think I could grow up even if I wanted to ;-)

    Marbles - Thank you for stopping by!

  14. until recently I didn't even know I was suppose to fit in...nice write

  15. I've had moments(when quite ill) where I've thought: Do they all see me, deficient & exposed? Or am I getting by? Just?
    So I get this. ~Mary

  16. I too have pretended to be a grown up some times. All I know is I'm not ready for Adulthood. Beautiful poem Mary! <3

  17. trust me, I know how it feels to fit in with a crowd when every pore of your being says otherwise.very well wrought.

  18. Charlie - Good on you! And thanks.

    Mary - Thanks and sorry, I think that you get this...looks like we have lots of company though :o)

    Kenia - Thank you, glad for your comment and your 'follow'

    Abin - Thanks...seems to be a more common experience than I realized.

  19. Excellent!

    I like being me and will never grow up, never look down and try to fit in - for then I will have sacrifed who I am.

    Anna :o]