Thursday, January 19, 2012

How I Became Invisible

At Donna’s house
she left the yellow living room
to make coffee;
the cloak of my husband shifted
and as the remaining men talked
I realized I had become

I tried to join the conversation,
they spoke of seemingly familiar topics:
houses, people, music but they
could not hear me-
could not see me-
I feared one of them would reach through me
while gesturing
or grabbing for the dish of nuts

In time they grew dim,
their voices tinny, far away.
By the time Donna came with coffee
they had disappeared entirely
and I was free
to move about the room
as I pleased

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  1. Free to move about as you please
    Maybe those nuts should have been changed with cheese
    Then you'd draw a crowd
    Although that could get rather loud

  2. Thanks Pat, yes here is Wisconsin cheese is always a crowd pleaser.

    Ayala - Yes, you're right.