Sunday, February 1, 2015


    Photo by Mary Bach

I journey with the sun
and rest in the moon;
rise, stretch, repeat.

Along the way
I spend the days
breathing in
landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes
many-layered, dark and light.

Then pause
to taste, touch,
sift and filter
ten thousand revelations.

I journey with the sun
and rest in the moon,
stretch, sleep, repeat.

This is for Kerry in the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  They are carrying on the fine 55 word tradition of Galen Hayes in asking for a fifty-five word response.  


  1. This is the best way reflect and rest. A travel of life where finding the road is the key

  2. This poem reads like a yoga asana. It's so flowing and lovely!

  3. Now i feel like washing my hair. Why is that?!?

  4. Mary I put a link to this poem up with a poem I wrote after reading this...let me know if you have a problem with me doing that...If you don't like it I can always take it down.

  5. Journey with the Sun and sleep with the Moon.
    Sounds like it could be the Rat Race.

  6. This is so beautiful, a wondrous meditation on life. I am going to keep it to use as an entry into my daily meditations this week. I think it will very much deepen the experience. Wonderful, wonderful poem, Mary.

  7. I love that phrase, 'rest in the moon..' It is so evocative of that time of night when the moon casts her spell on us, bringing our memories and revelations as well as lulling us to rest. I could go on, but it would be longer than 55 words.;_) Loved it, Mary.

  8. I like the way you bookended your thoughts with repetition - so many days seem to be the same as those gone before. This is a gentle reminder to treasure each one.

  9. Reads like a recipe for a life well lived.

  10. sift and filter
    ten thousand revelations

    beautifully done

  11. Yes! Revelations by the thousands. And then it all happens over again.

  12. Ears and eyes and a soul that takes the time to see, feel and experience life as the living is happening... I LOVE this!

  13. Thank you all! I've read and commented on your blogs too.

  14. Ah, lovely--I agree that the idea of resting in the moon is especially lovely--and kind of ironic with our childhood idea of calculating distance in "many moons" away. Journeying with the sun--brings up the jour--really nice, Mary--thanks. k. (

  15. This is a wonderful journey that you brought us along with. I really enjoyed reading this poem because it was elegantly written, and included a lot of senses within it. The touch of the snow, the sight of the silvery moon.. it was a great Poem Mary!