Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flock - Sunday Scribblings #269


      all you inkblots,

           light tonight in treetops,

               dream deep of sun, rain, rushing wind;

                    next morning, sing the sun into the sky.

               Course plotted in your lineage,

          rise up, Icarus-like

     beak, claw, feather


This is for Sunday Scribblings, where they give a weekly writing prompt.  Also, this poem is a form poem called Rictameter, characterzed by a specific syllable count per line: 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2, with the same first and last word.
And here is a little riddle for all you naturalists:
Q - Why is it that when birds fly in a 'V' formation one side is always longer than the other?
A - Because there are more birds on that side!


  1. Sunday Scribblings on a Wednesday? You're either an over-achiever or a slacker, Mary! LOL!

    Did you know that birds fly in "V" formations because it cuts wind resistance? They take turns being the leader, since that's the hardest position.

  2. lol, Eric I'm a slacker! And I did know about the 'V' formation...did you know the answer to my little tidbit? Thanks for stopping by and reading, even on a Wednesday!

  3. Beautiful, Mary! I so love the first line-- and all that follow. We have Canada Geese here in Colorado and they are among my muses-- those things that are reliable in all weathers...xxxj

  4. your poem shape resembles the flock of geese shape.
    how creative.

    love the playfulness and creativity in your entry.

  5. Jen - thanks; I love the idea of geese muse.

    Jingle - thank you so much!