Friday, June 10, 2011

Memo from the Desk of: God

From: God

To: Rapturites

You’re not the boss of me,
so don’t go telling me when to do that whole
rapture thing.

Hello - I’m God!
you think I don’t know how to
keep a secret?

You’re still here, but
how do you know that you just didn't
make the cut?

Written for Friday Flash 55, where Mr. Knowitall, aka G-Man, challenges us to write 55 words on a topic.  This week's is the Rapture kuffuffle.   Click on the title to go see for yourself.


  1. yikes...the funny thing is maybe there was only 1 guy/gal righteous enough...and now we are that would have been a better come back for him than moving the write...

  2. Brian - heheh, thanks for reading :D

  3. Loving FYI #3 ~ good comeback for anyone feeling a little superior :-) I like your humorous take!

    Here's my 55: Friday Flash 55 ~ Repeat Echo

  4. Mary...
    Every Badger Chick I know is soo cool.
    You are no exception.
    I loved your 55, but I hope you realize that you don't have to use my topic. Or you can if you like. I'm just tickled pink that you played!!!
    Please come back next week for more fun.
    have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Chef Kar - lol, thanks :o)

    G-Man - I didn't know that, but I do now. lol, thanks on behalf of Wisconsin; hope your weekend is kick ass too!

  6. They should be so lucky that God would take the time to set them straight. Nice take on the rapture rupture.

  7. Thanks Steve and Monkey Man :o) and you're very welcome Steve.

  8. No. 3 is the cruellest cut of all! Loved this.

  9. Shit! All that expense, buying T shirts. My new one reads: "I am a Tare and proud of it!"

  10. I'm going to start selling Rapture Insurance.

  11. Hi Eric - hahaha, that's a great career move! What kind of deal can you give me?