Wednesday, June 22, 2011


June days are
strung out before me
round and shimmering,
like pearls on a necklace,
each one
a treasure of great price.

June is gentle, playful,
warm enough for afternoon naps
in my shirt sleeves;
bare feet,
take me wherever I need to go
in June.

I wear the perfume of
sugar snap peas
on my fingers.
they are fresh and green
all morning.

Peals of laughter
ring from birds
as they share my garden.

Bees hum a happy song
as they dance from bloom to bloom;
I am delighted with their sweet work.

Worms work for me too:
“Eat dirt!” I command –
and they gladly do my bidding.

I think I am Queen of the Garden,
until I realize
I am no pearl
nor string
nor clasp
that holds all together.
I am not even a knot
to separate each pearly day.
I simply am;
and that is enough,
in June.

Sunday Scribblings gave the word 'opportunity' for the writing prompt this week.  Soooo...I took the opportunity to post a poem I wrote some time ago about June.  To check out Sunday Scribblings for yourself click on the title above.   


  1. 'The perfume of sugar snap peas'..what a wonderful line..they are like a little spray of rainy sunshine..makes me think of Mendel's peas as well..contemplating life out there in the garden..Jae

  2. Every line a beauty. a gem. You brought joy to me this morning and lifted my sagging spirits. Thank you.

  3. Jae - Yes, I have that same association with Mendel too. Thanks.

    Kim - Thank you; I'm glad I could 'give you a lift' :o)

  4. This one epitomizes the word "delightful" Mary! :)

  5. Hey thanks Eric! I appreciate your kind words.

  6. Mary,

    What a delightful, fresh spirited poem.
    I love my garden at this time of the year too.
    Although this June has been a wash-out, where I live in England, sadly.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  7. Hi Eileen - Thanks for the read. Sorry to hear you're garden isn't thriving; are you getting too much rain or what?

  8. Funny, after reading your comment about "sweat pearls" to find pearls all over your poem. And the image of the peas made me think of those little sweet pearls inside the pods. The smell of pea pods on your fingers, a very real touch. Amy

  9. Amy - Thanks. I noticed that when I read yours too. Great minds? lol

  10. Peals of laughter
    ring from birds
    as they share my garden.

    love your summer/June song, beautiful .

  11. Thank you Jingle. Appreciate you stopping by.

  12. Now that June is over you pull this out
    Maybe I'm being a slow old goat
    But you hit every note
    Great piece has my vote

  13. The beauty of simply being and enjoying the world at our fingertips - what more could one ask? I have a special fondness for bees too.