Monday, June 6, 2011

Magpie Tales #68

    Image by Mary Bach

Ok, I really did try to do something profound about the lack of privacy in the modern world, or voyeurism, but instead I ended up with this:
Top Ten List of Comments to Make You Groan:
10. The EYES have it!
9. Young man, I’ve got my eye on you!
8. Must be the eye from the back of mother’s head.
7. Big Brother is watching YOU!
6. M-o-o-o-o-m he’s staring at me!
5. Keep your eye on the prize (which apparently is a marble slab)
4. I spy with my little eye…
3. Oooh, that really caught my eye.
2. You seem to be a bit glassy-eyed tonight dear.
1. Until now I never understood the band name ‘Third Eye Blind’
This was inspired by Tess Kincade at Magpie Tales which you can get to by clicking on the title above.  I highly recommend it, however the image mysteriously disappeared, so I replaced it with one of my own.  I still recommend you check out site now named 'The Mag.'


  1. lol, I know that was really corny, I'll add something more...but still ruminating.

  2. Keep your eye on the prize! I should have waited for you to finish!

  3. I only have eye for you (already promised the other one)

    Eye of the tiger (and he wants it back)

    Eye sore (I should think)

    BTW...#8 was my favorite...thanks for the laughs! Vb

  4. Helen - thanks for stopping back!

    VB - lol, like yours too...maybe we should do a top 20 list!

  5. Interesting:) I also don't understand the name of the band??

  6. What a witty take on the prompt. Nice job!


  7. That was great. I really enjoyed your take. Thanks for stopping by. :) E

  8. Very good!
    A couple more groans - Eye, eye, sir and Yours eye (old sign off - Yours aye means Yours ever)

  9. lol I enjoyed it :) I thought it was hilarious, thanks for the smiles and the visit. I think the third eye is the mind's eye, thus the mind is blank lol, just guessing here lol.

  10. As I 'eyed' this picture, it kind of creeped me out! I really like your amusing take on this. It makes the photo easier to take! :-)

  11. Eye just don't get it
    My eye is having a fit
    My ear is jealous now
    My nose is going wow
    Giving all the attention to the eye
    Just makes the other parts
    Yes lack of privacy for sure with the net
    But poke out anothers eye and you just halved your issue I
    Damn that kept me amused
    As I kind of abused

  12. Thank you all for the read and the comments! You make this fun! Love all your 'groaners' too! :o)

  13. This made me laugh. Corny? No! Funny? Yes! so altogether now 'Eyes right'

  14. ...1, 2, & 4...i liked thanks for visiting me on my li'l page... you're always more than welcome to come back anytime.(:

    Good day.


  15. Nice one, Mary!
    What about 'eye of the tiger' whatever that means and 'eye candy' strange phrases.

  16. lolsss!
    Mary, this is mind blowing compilation! Very creative and unique.. kudos!
    Loved it absolutely..

    Hugs xoxox

  17. Heheh - thank you all. Sometimes we just need a little silly. Brigid, love the 'eye candy'!

  18. A smorgasborg of eye lines. :) Entertaining. Enjoyed

  19. Always good to have an eyefull of comments. Great vision!

  20. I sense the warning in this prompt response. hee hee. mention any of thses if you dare.

  21. Henry - hmmm..eye could I have missed that one? Thank you my friend.
    Tumble - lol, thanks!
    Brave - lol, thanks...but you are the brave one, not me!

  22. Haha this is very cute

  23. Thanks Steve...I'm so very arty! lol