Monday, March 7, 2011

Magpie Tales #56

Tess Kincade at Willow Manor graciously puts up a picture as a writing prompt each week. This week's picture and my response are below. To see everyone else's click on the title above.

Garlic and onion
dance in the big, olive oil-filled skillet
on my stove;
their aroma,
a palpable presence

My people are
Irish and German,
but when I close my eyes and take a deep breath
echoes of
black-eyed, heavy-breasted women
and dark, young men
with seductive smiles
and five o’clock shadows
crowd around my stove
laughing and splashing Barolo
as they carelessly pour jelly-jar glassfuls

I smile and wipe condensation
from the window
over the sink
to watch for your return


  1. I could almost feel this experience. A very nice write!

  2. I really liked this. Felt like I was right there...but, I guess that was what you were trying to achieve...and you did. Bravo. Vb

  3. I think everyone is part Irish at heart and part Italian in the stomach region. I smiled when I read about your steamy kitchen and the dark-eyed, heavy breasted women and the dark young men with five o'clock shadows drinking overflowing glasses of wine! Bravo from me, too.

  4. That's my saute pan almost every your taste!! Blue eyed blonds cook this way too!!

  5. You created a magical scene with your words... and I like how you anthropomorphized garlic and onion, until they "dance." Good job!

  6. Elaine - thank you!

    VB - Thanks much, yes glad you could get into it

    Shari - thank you so much. I was wondering if the dark eyes and dark men sounded off, with the two 'darks' being so close together

    Lyn - lol, yum, dinner at your house sounds great! :o)

    Emily - thanks! Yes, I anthropomorphize almost everything.

  7. You got the Italian feel just right! When we were in Italy last summer, they served the house wine in jelly jars and the men looked just like you described (yum!)

  8. lol, thanks Lola - is that yum to the wine or the young men? ;-)

  9. Garlic and onion make perfect dance partners...

  10. What is it about Italian food and men?
    Lovely evocative piece, Mary.

  11. Gautami - yes, I'm amazed at all the different pieces from the pic.

    Jinksy - that they do!

    Brigid- They do seem to be a yummy combo ;-) Thanks Brigid.

  12. love the story and so easily the last line reels us in... sigh... cooking and waiting go hand in hand... yes...

  13. Mama Mia that's a spicy Magpie :)

  14. Irish and German? Oh, lawd, my people are too :) Nice post, brought back some memories of my own.

    (and I think its really cool that you can quote Metallica, too!)


  15. Pieceofpie - Thanks. I love cooking for friends and family.

    Rene - heheh, thank you!

    Irish Gumbo - hey, thanks for reading. I'm not a huge metalhead, but I do love Metallica!

  16. A magical scene was brought about, so you have my vote.
    A very nice read, I'm glad I found your feed.
    This comment brought me here, as it was way to good I fear.

    "You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do." Ann Lamott

    hahaha loved it, might cause some to have a fit.

  17. Well Mary,
    I love both bulbs- onion n garlic :)

    What a descriptive one- a meal time.. lot of people, kitchen, cooking- oh I love to cook too!!

    Thanks for sharing this yummy dish from your verbal culinary pot!

    Hugs xx

  18. Thanks Annell - didn't mean to overlook you!

  19. Pat Hatt -
    Thanks for stopping to read my verse
    I hope the next one won't be worse
    I'll try a rhyme the very next time,
    Though I fear it could turn to a curse!

  20. Olivia - thanks for reading. I frequently have a kitchen-ful of ghosts :o) Always good to 'hear' from you. xo

  21. lovely, delicious meal with garlic flavors, hoping for the loved ones to return and share.

    smiles, homely tale.
    well penned.

  22. Jingle - thanks so much

    Deborah - hey, thanks glad you liked it, and thanks for following me!

  23. Almost makes me want to cook! Lovely piece!

  24. Aaahh...warm imagination mixed with an equally warm reality... very nicely played, Mary..
    Much enjoyed!!

  25. No sense of slaving over a hot stove here!

  26. Yours is a most charming Magpie ... though I'm German and English/Irish ... Italy is always calling me!!!

  27. Tumblewords - thank you. lol, almost?

    Kavisionz - Thanks, glad you stopped by

    Trellissimo - :o)that's right

    Helen - thank you. Maybe we are all Italian somewhere down deep!

  28. I have Irish and German roots, too! My DNA is tingling!

  29. Tess - something about garlic! That was a tasty writing prompt. Thanks!