Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here is a response to the writing prompt 'Raw' from Sunday Scribblings. I know it's very provincial, but ...

Fresh sushi platter
a work of edible art
which I title: Bait


  1. You could catch me with it - I love it!

    (The shrimp is actually cooked though... you can tell by the orange color)

  2. Oh seafood yuck, I'd rather eat a duck.
    But then I might be out of luck and who gives a umm pluck.
    Also so you know, you got a nice plug on my new rhyme post and now I have to go

  3. Bait is very accurate. I'm a lover of almost all things seafood but I've just NEVER been able to develop a taste for sushi.

    Love this.

  4. Eric - Glad you like it, I'll happily give you my share!

    Pat - thanks for stopping by, I know you must be on the fly, my rhymes are lame just now, I know, I need another cuppa joe. I'll check your post - you are the most! :o)

    Lisa - heheh, it's very pretty, but...eek

  5. Thanks for the comment but your always one behind, so I can't find.
    It time to rhyme for me recent post, but you are still the most.
    Oh and P.S. I knew that was your last name, I was just playing a rhyming game.
    Did it bring you fame or was it lame?

  6. Only moderate fame,
    but fun, not lame,
    so I'm glad you came
    and played your little rhyming game!
    To you dear Pat
    I doff my hat
    (But not your Hatt
    so there, take that!)

  7. Oh Playing on words with my name
    Don't you have some rhyming game
    No new post to keep me amused?
    Geez I feel a bit used...hahahaha

  8. Pat - fear not
    I have finally got
    Another rhyme
    To pass your time

  9. Thank you Jingle and Made Kane - glad you got a laugh!