Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sonnet Co-op

I tried something new. I have collaberated on a sonnet with another poet, who wished to remain unnamed at this time. We assigend alternating lines and emailed our responses back and forth. The result is here:

The dappled sunlight dances at our feet
And stops dark shadows cast short by the rain.
The clouds that linger grown white in defeat
No longer threaten. Their loss is our gain.
We now commence our journey’s final phase,
We launch our skiff and head out for the main
As sea birds circle high above the haze
Their cries are an encouraging refrain.
Our paddles drive us up into the waves;
We pull and strain against relentless tide.
To reach the beach is what our bodies crave
With our bow slung low from our fish so wide
To focus on our goal’s what we must do:
A cold beer and a fresh fish BBQ!


  1. First of all, thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Actually, its really fun to compose poetry as a team. I remember once me and my friend did the same thing and came up with a really funny piece. Needless to see, this poem is not funny but really optimistic in its approach. :)


  2. Thank you for stopping by. It was fun, but different than I expected. This was my first time. And, yw, enjoyed yours!

  3. A collaborative effort .... Oh, I love this. It seems seamless and flows beautifully ... great minds?

  4. Thank you Helen! Much appreciated!

  5. Fantastic images here...I think your collaborative effort has been a great success. Your goal of cold beer and a fresh fish BBQ sounds pretty inspiring to me :)

  6. lol, thanks Cynthia! Neither of us knew how it would end until, well, the very end!

  7. very nice started and ended well.

  8. Wow, writing a sonnet is difficult in itself, but I can't imagine trying to collaborate with another person! Great job!

  9. JBluesboy - glad it made you smile

    Lola - Thank you, it was challenging and fun.