Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Scribblings #257 - Raw

Apologies to anyone with a weak stomach. I have struggled with the idea of eating meat most of my life. I haven't for quite awhile now, basically because I have an over-active imagination. I also love animals, and am in pretty close contact with a number of them. Besides the dogs and cats and elderly horse in our care, I am also on a first name basis with a number of cows. I married a veterinarian, and while he mainly works on dairy cattle, he also handles a number of 'hamburger cows' (as my kids used to calle them). I am the only one in my family who doesn't eat flesh (meat or fish). In fact they think I'm a little crazy, and I suspect they're right!

When confronted with
Prime rib bleeding on my plate
Knife poised
To sing through the flesh
My half-baked mind wonders
Did I know you?


  1. What a cute scribbling. That's why I don't think I would eat meat either if I lived on a farm or with non-domesticated animals.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great piece- your images are very strong.

    on paper wings

  3. This perfectly illustrates the opinion and feelings of every vegan or vegetarian I know. Of course, more beautifully articulated, too.

  4. half baked mind?

    love the line, divine imagery.

  5. Maybe I'll just have a salad for dinner!

  6. I laughed and then felt bad for laughing. My daughter is a vegetarian too and she's seriously made me consider it; but I'm not a convert yet.
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  7. Thanks Kim!

    Jingle - yes, most certainly half-baked :o)

    Lola - I almost put a picture with this, but then decided against it.

    Catherine - I'm glad you laughed - don't feel bad about it!

  8. Or if you believe in re-incarnation - was I you? a prime-rib poem..Jae

  9. I suppose I should really refrain from commenting - I am an ardent meat eater, but it WAS a good little poem.

  10. thanks for this! A little bit of a struggle for myself as well... I think you're right with the over-active imagination. The visuals are what get ya! Also, in a world where eating meat isn't absolutely necessary, it adds to the whole query.

  11. I think my mom would concur with your views, Mary :)

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  12. Jaerose - thanks, yours are Grade-A as well (although I think that is for eggs or milk, not meat)

    Thanks Altonian - I'm glad you did read and commented!

    BFG - yes, it's me and my craziness. The point you bring up about eating meat not being necessary adds a whole new dimension. And, obviously I am in a society that has the luxury to choose.

    Leo - Gotta love that mom! Thanks Leo!

  13. I'm a carnivore but appreciate all tastes. Good post.

  14. Thank you Anthony. And for the record I do cook meat for others, and don't condemn anyone for their choice of food.

  15. Luckily I don't eat meat as you see it. Mine comes from the supermarket and is put there by a somebody from the back who miraculously makes this edible stuff (when it is cooked).

    Sadly living so close to the coalface as it were, you see every living, lovable creature as a friend such as we poor fools look on our cats and dogs that never see it to the meal plate.

    This may well make many of your readers think twice in future. I understand that becoming meat eaters millions of years ago allowed us to develop the way we are. I am still trying to work out whether that is good or bad.

    A great post indeed.

  16. If you really think about it, eating meat is a little gross--all those muscles and capillaries. It doesn't really matter much though when I'm starving and the hamburger is right there sizzling and smelling like a wonderful lunch.

    Oddly enough, the password I had to correctly type to enter this comment was "undog". I don't think I could eat a dog now...unless I was really starving, especially if nobody told me what kind of meat it way.

  17. Oldgg - Thanks for reaading and commenting. As I said I just imagine too much! What an interesting thought, the way we evolved, and if that is good or bad.

    Lilibeth - Thanks. Funny about the password, :o)

  18. Did I know you? I know exactly how you feel, I love animals and have been vegetarian for 27 years. I wouldn't call it an over-active imagination, just empathy and compassion. A very strong poem.

  19. Deborah - aww thanks. Nice to hear that I'm in good company :o)