Thursday, March 17, 2011

Triolet - Poetry Potluck

Here is a form poem called Triolet. It consists of eight lines with a rhyme pattern of ABaAabAB, with the capital letters indicating repeated lines. The meter is iambic pentameter (five two-syllabe groups of unstressed/stressed) or iambic tetrameter (four two-syllable groups of unstressed/stressed). In this one I chose to use iambic tetrameter. I have just spent the past half hour trying to find where I came across this poetry form, but I’m going to give up now with apologies, and finally post it (at times like this I really miss my brain). And finally the poem:

She walked into the sunlit room
her smile was bright and treacherous
a lovely form of certain doom
she walked into the sunlit room
awash in layers of perfume,
with posture mildly lecherous,
she walked into the sunlit room
her smile was bright and treacherous


  1. Damn now you are getting really tricky
    And all picky
    With your rhyming scheme
    It would seem
    But it was very well done
    Rhyming is such fun
    You even rhymed treacherous and made it work
    Glad I came to lurk
    See you found your muse
    So now you can amuse

  2. Thanks Pat
    Glad you stopped to chat!

  3. yes! almost a limerick but with the freedom to include more. treacherous indeed!

  4. lol, treacherous just makes such an interesting rhyme ;-)

  5. oh - i can see and smell her mary
    beautiful triolet - love the layers of perfume..

  6. Thanks Jingle!

    Thank you Claudia - did I learn that form from you?

  7. Hmmmm I never thought of rhyming Pat with chat
    How about that
    Now I have something else to use with fat
    And cat
    And hat
    and mat
    Thanks for that.

  8. Glad to see you share this challenged piece.
    have fun.

  9. nice and lovely this triolet mary and have a nice day! here's mine..

  10. What a wonderful response to this prompt. Right on, too. I think I know a few of these people with the lecherous posture and layers of perfume. :)

  11. Pat, Pat
    you rhyme then scat
    but thanks for that!

    Tarang - thank you. It's really tricky to punctuate, which is why I left it w/o any!

    Thank you Jingle - I felt challenged indeed!

    Fiveloaf - Thanks for reading; I'll have a look at yours.

    Judy - Thanks. Unfortunately there are too many like that, lol

  12. A very beautiful attempt I say!

    I love reading triolets for their form! Amazingly done.. Hugs xox

  13. Olivia - thank you so much@

    PPPL - Thanks! I'll stop by

  14. Have not tried a triolet yet...but am inspired by yours. Nicely done.

  15. Oh, fun. Don't know if I have the courage to try that format but maybe when I grow up, I will. hugs,pat

  16. oh brilliant! the form ain't easy.. but well executed.. :) mine is a set of triolets too.. dint think I'd see another in the same rally.. cheers!

    Here's My Poetry For The Rally

  17. The rhymes were nicely done. The triolet left me wanting for more, maybe why I prefer the villanelle. Enjoy the rally!

  18. Thanks PPPL!

    Charlie - thanks - it's surprising how tricky it can be, considering how few lines you have to come up with, lol

    Pat - lol, thanks...don't wait till you grow up, I didn't!

    Vinay - thanks, you're right it's not! I'll check yours out

    Lynnaima - thank you. I've not tried a villanelle yet, maybe after a few more of these.

  19. A triolet filled with spice. Great fun read.

  20. I learn something new everyday....loved your piece it was a fun and clever.

  21. This is a treasure, what pretty verse.

  22. wow ! loved it! P.S. love your moon widget too :)

  23. Sherry - thanks, I hope you give the triolet a try!

    Jingle - thanks so much!

    honeyhaiku - thanks for stopping and reading!

    Lunawitch - glad you liked it, you can add the moon phases, I got it from a blog I saw it on.

  24. Mary, This is a treat. Thanks for writing to a form. It's always a surprise to see what comes from that process. Well done!

  25. Very cool, and the repetition really works.

  26. Informative... it's nice to know that my own writing have a form and style. I'll be back to see what else I can learn ;D

  27. That's a just perfect triolet, Mary.Enjoyed much. Thanks for sharing and glad to have discovered your poetry. :)

  28. Brenda - thank you. I notice sometimes when writing a form I have no idea at the beginning what the result will be!

    Sherry - thank you!

    tOuCh - thanks :o)

    43 Spiders - thank you, and you're welcome back anytime!

    Moonlitpoetic - thank you for reading!

  29. Mary,
    this was indeed, both clever and amusing!
    Very nicely done........

  30. wow...ididnt know this...thnx for sharing the technicalities along wid the poem!!!!

  31. You're welcome M
    I just learned it too. I wish I could remember where! Thanks for stopping by.