Thursday, April 24, 2014

Random Sighting

Outside the window
a ginger girl stands
in two different socks,
grey and neon,
with her floaty blue dress
dissolving into the sky.
Her phone
is the focus  
of her attention.
And across the street
a long, crane arm   
arcs a wrecking ball
toward the inevitable
block wall.

This is just what the title says, though I feel a bit like I am taking part in a public bird count or something.  For PAD and NaPoWriMo, and you.


  1. Socks not a pair, a fashion statement at her lair

  2. yikes...this is a bit eerie...there is an interesting detachment between the girl and the crane smashing the wall...makes for an interesting use of details in this...

  3. these days youngsters are too engrossed in their cellphones that they forget the world around..................

  4. Scary....It is the twilight zone of oblivion. A cell phone draws us into a world where nothing exists but that piece of technology in our hands..

  5. I love "ginger girl". It would take a wrecking ball to knock the phone out of the hands of today's young. It's starting to get on my nerves, it all seems so surrealistic, faces lit by neon, like zombies.

  6. Great visual capture, Mary. Felt like I was drawn into the picture from the first word.

  7. I can "see" that ginger haired girl, but there's danger coming from that crane ball ~ Good one Mary ~