Friday, April 11, 2014

The Cliche Garden of Day 11

I water my cliché garden
with the tears of dead poets
I keep in my secret cupboard,
next to the Hallmark cards.

And on a fine night it’s quite a sight,
standing under the full, spring moon,
to behold the organic metaphors
pushing their way up through the earth.

I have a row of hearts and souls and love
and another of candle light and moonbeams,
and finally the row of vile vials
full of all manner of nastiness
all sprouting from dirt as black as sin,
or tar,
or coal.

This is for day 11 of April, Poem a Day.  But I'm linking it nowhere, because it's kind of stinky. 


  1. Of course, I love this Mary. It's a poem after my own heart--full of the play of dark and light--and of course, anyone who works in a garden knows the best things can come from stinky. ;_) I especially love the opening lines, and the clear sight you bring to what we struggle with when we deal in words to paint emotion. Cliche is only cliche because it is true, they say.

  2. So that is how your garden does grow, now i know

  3. Oh gee, your opening is so heavenly, a most deep and heartfelt poem. I like watering my garden with dead poets as well!

  4. I love this Mary. A witty progression with a smashing closure!It is all about the garden.

  5. hey i like organic metaphors...
    mary mary how does your garden grow...
    sounds like most---with a bit of shadow and a bit of sun

  6. What do you mean, stinky??!! It's fun playing with words!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  7. Gorgeous poem, Mary. I love it.

  8. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your comments!! I have been without internet since some big storms rolled through on Saturday morning. And it's still not up and running I'm in town at a coffe shop with wifi. I promise to visit you all and post for my missing days though as soon as I'm back online. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again! :o)

  9. stinky, light night soil? :)

    actually, I like it. don't be so hard on your self ~

  10. Not stinky, Mary. (Unless you're using organic fertilizer on the garden..)