Tuesday, April 22, 2014

See No Evil, and So On

     Image provided by Lolamouse

We are the plastic people
who live in a store-window world.

Our blind eyes
look past the bruised women,
over the frightened children,
and through the drunks
who bless us
as they ask for bus fare.               

Our stopped up ears
tune out gun shots, whimpers
and cries of injustice
from filthy alleys,
school yards
and our own kitchen tables.

Our calm smiles
cover over mouths
wailing with hunger or
gaping in horror.
This is “normal”
this is “fine”
this is the status quo
we do not disturb.
Keep consuming, spending
and pretending
everything is

For we are the plastic people
who live in a store-window world.

This is for IGRT where Lola has given us a variety of pictures to write about.  It's also for PAD and NaPoWriMo.


  1. I've seen man a plastic like that who seem to be able to walk too

  2. i also used the image but yours is a great translation of the photo...

  3. damn, Mary. did you read Brendan's post (linked to IGWRT Open Link Monday) - it's in the same vein, I think. ~

    1. I didn't see his. I'm afraid I'm falling behind reading and commenting ast he month has progressed. I'll have to check it out. Thank you for reading Michael.

  4. So true and fine observations of what's happening. Time for change...

  5. Oh yes, if they could only speak, they too would say, BRAVO Mary! You know us so well!

  6. I really loved this piece Mary . . . such a great write and it speaks volumes.

  7. So true, Mary. Too true, and as we know, not much that's more toxic to the planet and other living things than plastic--you make the meaning of the word absolutely clear here.

  8. Thank you Joy. I'm a little rusty at social rants. Glad it worked for you.