Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dear Future Granddaughter

Your daddy was a funny kid
he loved dinosaurs more than anything
and even when he was only two
he could carry a tune
like nobody's business.

Aunt Kate was a cute little kid,
carting around kitties
and giving them “giggly hugs”
with her orange curls bobbing.

Grandpa had the best memory
he would say, “Three years ago today
we had an inch of snow
and the Brewers beat the Cubs three to one.”
You had to tag along after him,
cause he never stood still.

Grandma read to you
and told stories with you as the hero,
The cats and dogs loved her best,
and she always looked sort-of far away.

Great-grandma grew up in South Dakota;
she used to shoot prairie dogs
from her bedroom window.
She worked when no one's mom did,
but mostly she was kind to everyone.

Great-grandpa was sooo funny.
When he was little he loved cars and licorice.
He was always into mischief
with go-karts and fire crackers,
skating and card playing
and telling stories.

Remember the stories -
tell your children,
and their children
for as long as you can.

In the Imaginary Garden we were asked to write to your ancestors and/ or descendants.  I've chosen to write a very personal one, to my future descendants about their ancestors.


  1. Great tidbits to know for the future descendants that show

  2. That close is so gorgeous. We should all pass these kind of stories along.

  3. The stories of who came before us make the story of who we are. Wat to go, Mary. I can do NOTHING with this prompt, despite chewing up reams of disc space with worthless rewrites. Sigh...

  4. Yes indeed! Regretting, as many of us do, the stories we failed to record from our elders, I think we have a duty to pass on our own, and what we know of the forebears. I love the delightful reminiscences in your poem.

  5. that's a good memory (on g-dad) - and a good memory, overall. ~