Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Inspiration, Post Haste

Dear St. Cecilia,

I could really use some help here.
My muse took off
with a two-bit musician and a bottle of hooch,
and here I am just a week and a day
into Poem-a-Day month.
I’m desperate!
Could you sprinkle a little
magic dust from an old thesaurus,
whisper sweet nothings
(or bitter, sarcastic anythings)
in my ear?
Please, do something!

Desperately and Uninspiredly Yours,
-Other Mary

P.S. If I don’t hear back from you soon my next letter will be to Bacchus. 

Abhra over at dVerse Poets Pub has asked us to write a letter.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, St. Cecilia is the patron saint of poets, writers, muscians and artists in general.  And I'll bet you know Bacchus is the Roman god of wine.


  1. Nothing wrong with bringing on the wine. Have many voices in ones head, it works for the cat

  2. Saint Cecilia has never done anything for me, or hardly. I can kind of sing but have no other musical talent whatsoever. She must be a very selective muse.

  3. Hopefully magic dust will do it. Smiles. There were some years I did PAD, but I decided I just did not need the stress this year........

  4. I've heard Bacchus can help us forget, forget what? I can't remember :)
    I do think that the muse takes time off to recharge - and often returns unexpectedly.

  5. I enjoyed this.

    I tend to miss lots of prompts and then I say, Oh, I wish I had participated.

    I shall call on Saint Cecilia.

  6. For me.. i just go dance with hundred of people at a time..

    And here comes ALL the muse dancing

    at me..:)

    Only problem is time and 10K words
    a day.. or so..;)

    But i'll dance again tomorrow..
    for thousands more

    to come..:)

    WITH hundreds of musing dancers too!..:)

    With a months worth of April Shower
    in just a morning or afternoon
    OF wordy Thunder
    letter head way..;)

    1. Sounds like my muse has been with you!!! lol

  7. I absolutely LOVE this! And I didn't know about St Cecilia--so thanks! I wonder if you could tell me the benefits of having a blog here, as well as at WordPress--I'm always tempted to do both....

    1. Dusty I left an answer on your blog, since I don't know if you'll be back here.

  8. Yes, Lady Muse can be fickle... I miss her too.

  9. I often seem to be left with 'bitter, unsatisfactory anythings'--I guess we poets must just make do with what we have--though I must say, Bacchus sounds like a better alternative. ;_)

  10. All the time we discover that being compelled to write poems in no way we write good poems. Forgiveness is what we need.

  11. This cracked me up! I wish that I'd thought of it.

  12. Ha! Ha! Your words have me rolling across the floor, and I promise I haven't had a drop of hooch, yet!

  13. This was something :D Nicely done!

  14. Inspiration is certainly a good thing to have...especially during napowrimo month. Nice job with this...especially the threat to appeal to Bacchus :-)